Vermont Dining

Birchgrove Bakery- Montpelier VT (not vegan- offering limited vegan options)

“We don’t always have vegan options available, but can accomodate requests with a day or two of lead time.  Pastries tend to be difficult to make without either butter or eggs (either or is very doable both is tough) and we don’t get too many requests for vegan pastries which is why there isn’t necessarily a daily option.  We can do cakes, vegan chocolate cake with soy ganache being the most popular, but if there are requests for other flavors we do our best to find the recipes to make it happen.  Our philosophy is that we will make any natural substitution to make a cake vegan, but we avoid manufactured products whenever possible so things like switching oil for butter or applesauce for certain dairy products are fine, but we don’t use things like margarine or shortening at all (vegan products or not).
“We also always have a vegetarian sandwich available for lunch that can be made vegan by omitting the cheese.  Right now it is a roasted beet, winter green, and caramelized onion sandwich on white or wheat with Chevre for the non-vegans.  Sometimes a non-vegetarian sandwich can be altered to make it vegan as well.  Once again, we will do our best to meet any request.
Of course, we do also offer soy milk for all of our coffee drinks.”
  (Their coffee drinks are delicious try the Sweet Autumn Harvest)

Birchgrove Baking
279 Elm St.
Montpelier, VT 05602


Rhapsody Natural Foods- Montpelier VT (100% Vegan)

“All of our food at Rhapsody is 100% vegan.  We use maple syrup and rice syrup as a sweetener and use no animal products at all in our cooking.  Please check out our menu at to see a sample of our dishes.”

Rhapsody Natural Foods
28 Main St
Montpelier, VT 05602


Ariels Restaurant – Brookfield, VT (Vegan Friendly with notice)

“On the current menu I can make the vegetarian option vegan by replacing butter with olive oil.  You just need to let me know at least 1/2 day ahead of your reservation.  That entree is a Vegetable Bisteeya(whole wheat cous cous, roasted root vegetables, red onion marmalade, chick peas, currants, almonds, encased in phyllo pastry, served with swiss chard and chioggia beets).  As for appetizers, at this time my soup(butternut squash with coconut milk and lemon grass) and house salad with balsamic maple vinaigrette are both vegan.  For dessert I usually have a sorbet on hand, but most everything else has butter.” 10/16/2009

*Note Ariels will be closed from October 30-Nov 27, 2009

29 Stone Road
Brookfield, VT 05036


Leunigs Bistro- Burlington VT (Vegan Friendly)

“Robert Fuller, one of the owners of Leunigs is also vegan.  Here’s a list of vegan options from all our menus:
Tofu Scramble
Crumbled Vermont Tofu With Shoestring Vegetables in Green Curry Coconut Sauce
Soups Au Pistou (Leave off pesto & cheese)  Available all day
French Vegetable & White Bean Soup with Asiago & Pesto
Baby Spinach Salad (Leave off Blue Cheese)  Available all day
Roasted Red Beets, Anjou Pear, Blue Cheese & Candied Walnuts tossed with Apple Cider Vinaigrette
House Salad  (Available all day)
Baby Greens, Belgian Endive, Parsnip Frites & Maple Vinaigrette
You may add tofu or grilled porabello mushrooms to any salad,
Green Olive Pate & Crudités
Seasonal Vegetables, House Made Olive Pate, Pickled Onions & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Grilled Flatbread (Leave off cheese & bacon-sub tofu for chicken)
“Sweet Baby Rays” Citrus Chipotle Bar B Que Chicken, Smoked Bacon, Roasted Red Peppers, VT Cheddar & Crispy Onions with Mixed Greens
Falafel Panini  (leave off yogurt sauce)
House Made Chic Pea Croquettes, Cucumbers, Romas, Red Onions with Vermont Yogurt & Mint Sauce on Grilled Pita Bread with Mixed Greens & Taboulleh
Moroccan Tempeh 
Chic Peas, Tomatoes, Onions, Carrots, Peas, Golden Raisins & Tempeh Slow Cooked with Moroccan Spices, Sautéed Baby Spinach & Polenta    
Peruvian Pumpkin Quinoa  (Leave out the cheese)
Chili Coconut Quinoa” Risotto Style” with Roasted Pumpkin, Bell Pepper, Black Beans, Onions, Sweet Corn & VT Cheddar with Sautéed Baby Spinach
Salade Nicoise (No egg//sub tofu for Tuna)  Available all day
Seared Tuna, Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado, Roasted Red Peppers, Grilled Onions, Haricots Verts and Capers House Dressing and Parsnip Frites

Leunig’s Bistro
115 Church Street, Burlington
Langdon Street Cafe- Montpelier (Vegan Friendly)
“Feel free to look at our menu on our website…
We have a few Vegan options.  To start we have great salads and for lunch my favorite is the Tempeh Taco on gluten free corn shells.  We currently don’t serve vegan baked goods as we are transitioning with a new Kitchen Manager who is sticking to the basic while taking over the fine details of the kitchen. 
Our humus is made from a white bean and is flavored with garlic and dill. “
4 Langdon Street
Montpelier, VT 05602
Leonardo’s Pizza- Burlington,VT & South Burlington, VT & Portland Maine (Vegan Friendly)
“We do have vegan pizza options. Our dough is vegan, white or organic whole wheat. We offer vegan soy cheese (vegan gourmet). Our vegan sauce options are garlic + olive oil, barbecue and thai sauce. We have a wide assortment of vegetables to top the pizza.”

83 Pearl Street
Burlington, Vermont

1160 Williston Road
S. Burlington, Vermont

415 Forest Avenue
Portland, Maine

The Alchemist- Waterbury VT (Vegan Friendly)
“All of our beers are vegan.  We also have kombucha on tap.  Several vegan options are available with some substitions/omissions.  For example, Red Beans and Rice with blackened tofu (no cheese or sour cream).”

23 South Main Street, Waterbury,  VT  05677


 The Bee’s Knees- Morrisville VT (Vegan friendly)

“our menus are on our web site.  we have a tofu scramble for breakfast– a number of items on the lunch menu (easily adaptable by ordering soy mayo or no cheese, or designed vegan)– and also a number of items on the dinner menu.  Our tofu burrito and black bean burger are both very popular and are delicious with no cheese.”

The Bee’s Knees
82 Lower Main Street, Morrisville


Bristol Bakery & Cafe – Bristol VT- (vegan friendly)

“you should check out our web page ( which it has our menu listed.  We have salads, sandwiches, and soups.  Any of our sandwiches can have veggie tempeh bacon and/or tofu substitutes.  Our hummus is really great!  We make it here from scratch.”

16 Main St.
Bristol, VT 05443


Hemingways- Killington VT (vegan Friendly)
“Every evening we offer a four course vegetarian men that is easily made Vegan. Tonight some selections are braised white beans and organic  spinach with vegetables in a Truffle Vinaigrette, and Risotto of Locally Harvested Mushrooms.”
Windjammer Restaurant- South Burlington VT (vegan friendly)
“We do offer a Vegan adaptable dish. If you have an opportunity to look at our website you will see a dish in the vegetarian options called “Vegetable Ragout Napoleon”. This dish is Vegan (no animal products) if ordered without the puffed pastry. With an advance notice, I would be more than happy to put together a custom dish for you if this does not seem appealing to you. I hope this helps. ”

The Windjammer restaurant & Upper Deck Pub

1076 Williston Rd
Three Squares- Vergennes VT (Vegan friendly)
“We have a variety of options, Our humus sandwich is vegan as well as our tofu scramble and salads when dressed w/ oil & Vinegar.  There is also grilled marinated tofu &  large variety of vegetables available and occasionally pasta specials. The Chef/owners sister is a vegan & eats here on a regular basis.”
221 Main Street, Vergennes, Vermont 05491 – 802.877.2772
Bluebird Tavern- Burlington VT (vegan friendly with notice)
“We are always happy to accommodate vegan diets, and would love to have you dine with us.  Our menu does change from day to day, so vegan offerings may be different tomorrow than from today.  On the menu now we have several items,available including a roasted beet salad with pickled husk cherries and pine nut vinaigrette, a marinated vegetable salad, house cured olives, house pickles, falafel flatbread, among others. 
Our chefs are very talented and inspired by ingredients that come to our door daily.  They are always excited to create tasting dinners, and more substantial dishes.  It does help us to know in advance that you will be coming, but we’re happy to accommodate you at any time. “

317 Riverside Avenue · Burlington VT · 05401


One Federal- St Albans, VT (Vegan Friendly)

“We have several vegan adaptable options here at One Federal.  We have a delicious Grilled Portabello and Pepper Sandwich served on foccacia bread with house made pesto spead (hold the Mozzarella).  A large green salad with our maple-balsamic vinaigrette dressing or a warm spinach salad with red onions (hold the cheese & bacon).  Also available are baked potatoes, frickles, potato skins, french fries though anything fried will have had some none vegan items in the frier at another time), and quite often our soup of the day (today it is maple parsnip!)  There is a Fantastic Eggplant Parm on the menu with our homemade putenesca sauce (hold the cheese).  Our kitchen staff is Very adaptable and able to make just about anything you wish, just ask.”

1Federal St- St Albans VT


Stone Soup- Burlington VT (vegan friendly)

Join us in the morning for organic coffee, fresh juices, and a wonderful selection of just baked muffins, scones and coffee cakes. Our morning baking always includes vegan choices and Saturdays we offer gluten-free muffins.

Come for lunch and dinner to enjoy the best hot food bar and salad bar in the area. Some of our favorites include: soup and sandwich combinations, our delicious and unique pizzas, maple-glazed tofu and casseroles, such as: Vegan Lasagne, Tofu Pot Pie, Spanikopita, Cheesy Millet, and our special Mac & Cheese and veggies. We also offer Saag Panner, Black Bean Coconut Quinoa, Seitan Red Curry, Cauliflower Chickpea Curry and Tofu Sesame Stew, along with a selection of brown rice, sweet potatoes and Hot Kale.”

211 College Street
(just a half-block off the Church Street Marketplace)
here in Burlington, Vermont


Magnolia Bistro- Burlington VT (Vegan Friendly)

“Please see menu for complete descriptions on our website.  The menu also has vegan and gluten free symbols that are at the bottom of the menu.

We have many vegan dishes available!  Do you eat soy?  If so we use a locally produced organic tofu (VT Soy).  You can sub tofo for eggs in most breakfast dishes.  A few recommendations i would say are…
Huevos con diablo ( sub tofu for eggs) polenta, and black bean chipotle mixture with or with out tofu in the middle. comes with salsa and sour cream… ( just ask for no sc)  Our staff is very knowledgeable on what can be made truly vegan.  
The sesame tofu scram rocks!  
western tofu scram hold the cheese and SC.  A vegan friend of mine subs the black bean chipotle  in place of the cheese and sc
We have organic earth balance for all toasts served at no extra charge upon request.
The oatmeal hold the vanilla sauce
burrito with beans rice and tofu ( hold the cheese and sc sub tofu if wanted for eggs.
the home fries are vegan
as well as most of the sides…potato salad etc see menu for complete list.
we have a nice pickled beet salad special running currently just ask to hold the goat cheese.
More stuff i cant remember…. you dont need to remember all the stuff to hold to make it vegan.  Our staff is very knowledgeable.  Feel free to ask for a manager if you dont really believe they know what they are talking about we really strive to make it a place for everyone.  
Mr limpett
southwest veggie burger
garbanzo burger
philly seitan no cheese sub cajun veganaise or tahinni for dill mayo
and many more
usually have one vegan soup.
our bloody mary is vegan it is made with out wostichire sauce. “

One Lawson Lane Suite 10
Burlington, Vermont 05401
802.846.7446 ph
802.846.7401 fax


Tully and Maries- Middlebury VT (Vegan Friendly)

“We have some vegan options.  We also make all of our food from scratch.  Many of our dishes can be modified.  Any vegetarian sandwich on our lunch menu can be rolled in a flour tortilla.  Our bread has dry milk in it.  Hold the cheese & mayo.

Spring rolls are fried in the same oil as calamari and chicken fingers.  You may request that the chef make you some and cook them in fresh oil on the stove top.  If it is not crazy buisy, we can accommodate.

Organic mixed green salad.

Panzanella salad:  Hold the bread.  It has asiago cheese.

Spinach Salad:  Hold egg, bacon, feta.

Tofu Pad Thai with our optional vegan sauce (no fish sauce) and hold the egg.  Add fireworks vegetables?

Roasted Vegetable Risotto:  Hold the chevre.

If you call ahead we can make some mashed sweet potatoes without butter,  then you could have the tostadas, and sweet potato black bean burrito.

Regular black bean burrito.

We also have some curry recipies we special.  A vegan on is my Rajasthani curry which most of my cooks no how to make.  You could ask for it.” 

7 Bakery Lane


Pie in the Sky- Stowe VT (Vegan Friendly)

“Some of our vegan selections are : White Bean and Fennel Soup, Pasta Primevera Marinara, Pasta with Garlic Sauce, Pizzas with out Cheeses,  Garlic Bread, Bruschetta.  You can also custom order most pastas without butter, cream, cheese or meat  or any salad without meat, cheese.”

492 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672


August First- Burlington VT (vegan friendly)

“I’m happy to say that all of our breads are vegan — no animal / honey products.

*Vegan Breads:
*Country French Sourdough
Seven Grain
Seven Grain Rolls

Kalamata Olive
Walnut Scallion
Walnut Raisin
Seven Grain Pretzels

*We rotate our soups daily, so call ahead to see if any are vegan.
*We have a cold garden vegetable sandwich that is normally served w/cheese.  Can easily be ordered without.
We serve a daily panini special, and run a roasted portobello/veggie one regularly. It’s typically topped w/cheese, but can easily be done without.
Overall, we’re pretty flexible!

*VT Tofu Salad — Marinated Ginger/Soy tofu, fruit, veggies.  However, our dressings contains honey.    We can provide oil/vinegar.
We keep VT Soy Company tofu on hand, and it can be substituted for any meat on any sandwich or salad.

We have soymilk on hand, any coffee/chai/tea drink can be vegan”

149 South Champlain Street



 Arvad’s in Waterbury does offer items on our menu that would be compatible with a vegan diet. Some of these include:
-chips and salsa
-veggie potato skins (without the cheese)
-baby spinach salad (without bacon or gorgonzola)
-greek salad (with no feta)
-garden salad
-asian chicken salad (with no chicken)
-veggie burger (feel free to add pesto!)
On any of the salads we give the option to top with a veggie burger.
Also, if anyone was interested in having a vegan party we would be willing to purchase vegan pasta that we could use on our vegetarian dishes. 
Arvad’s Grill & Pub
3 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05676
802-244-8973 ph


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  1. Thanks for this list, it’s very helpful. I spent some time in Vermont when I was vegetarian, but when I get the chance to go back, I’ll definitely consult your list!

  2. I really adore this blog! Thanks for the great information, I think I will be planning a trip to VT soon!

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