Valentines Dinner at Paul & Elizabeth’s

Finishing up our Valentines Weekend posts we ended our weekend and spent our Valentines at Paul & Elizabeth’s in Northampton MA.  We have visited this restaurant before and loved it last time and were excited to spent our Valentines here.  We had so much good food it was crazy and we brought tons of it home. The food here is fresh and delicious and it is almost all vegetarian (there are a few fish dishes).  My husband was delighted the special for Valentines night was the Vegetarian Platter which has these delicious croquettes that he loved last time.  This is now our staple Northampton restaurant. 

Hummus Appetizer we ended up bringing 1/3 of this home because there was so much delicious hummus


Hubby got a Wolaver's Oatmeal Stout and I got a glass of Luzon Verde however I guess I forgot to take a picture of it


Noodle and Vegetables in Broth with Vegetable Tempura (so much food I brought most of it home)


Vegetable Platter: veggies, tofu and amazing croquettes


One response to “Valentines Dinner at Paul & Elizabeth’s

  1. We never go anywhere else in Northampton, and I always have trouble deciding between the vegetarian planner and the seitan dish <3. Did you know that Herrell's has vegan ice cream?? I just realized that last time I was there. The flavor I had was alright (don't know if it's as good as Stogo or Lula's, for example), but it's worth trying (if you can stand the line there).

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