My New Vegan Bag: Samsara

For years I have wanted to get myself a Matt & Nat bag but they aren’t really in my price range and the current bags that are out aren’t really my style. However, when we were in NYC this past weekend my hubby and I went to Century 21 to do some shopping and I bee-lined it to the bags section in search of Matt & Nat bags. I was slightly disappointed that although they were in my price range I couldn’t find a style that I liked. My hubby came over to see if I had found one that I wanted and I sadly said no. Then he looks next to the Matt & Nat and says “what about those Samsara bags, they are by Matt & Nat.”   Feeling slightly embarrassed that my husband is more up on the vegan fashion than I am I glanced over and saw a bunch of bags that were much more my style and great prices.

My new bag ❤


One response to “My New Vegan Bag: Samsara

  1. I did a few posts over the past month or so re: matt&nat and samsara bags on my fashion blog.

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