You Asked

I jumped on board with the “Ask Me Anything” trend and here are some of the questions asked thus far:

If you could eat anywhere you like (past or present), where would that be?

Oh that is a tough one! There are so many places I am dying to try but if I had to say one hmmmm or maybe 2 I’d have to say I would absolutely have to go back to Chennai Garden in Manhattan it’s a vegetarian Southern Indian restaurant that is so good and I love that their menu has the items that have dairy marked so you don’t have to ask a million questions:

However if there is one restaurant that I am dying to try but haven’t made it to yet it would have to be Fressen in Toronto. I visited their sandwich shop Urban Herbivore and honestly the best sandwich I have ever had and I would love to try their sit down restaurant:

What are some of your favorite websites and/or blogs? 

Ohhh this is a tough question because I have soooo many favorites! 
Since I love so many blogs and read tons I’ll just list a few that I read daily:

Honestly there are too many to name but you can always check out my blog roll which has a more extensive list. 

As for websites I really love:

just to name a few!

Sorry if I left anyone out! I love so many blogs it would take me forever to list them.  Like I said above please check out my Blog Roll for a some what complete list of blogs I read.

what is your biggest inspiration, food wise?

My biggest inspiration is my husband- if it wasn’t for him being vegan I would have never started my blog which originally was about my experiences being a vegetarian girlfriend but cooking vegan for my boyfriend hence “cooking for a vegan lover”. Cooking wise SusanV of Fatfree Vegan Kitchen was the first vegan and blogger that I encountered and she inspired me to blog as well as create my own recipes.

If you would like to ask me a question (anonymously) you can do so here.


3 responses to “You Asked

  1. Fressen has good food, no doubt but for the best vegan food in Toronto, and without the attitude of Fressen, you have to hit up Vegetarian Haven ( ) and Jean’s Vegetarian which sadly doesn’t have a website but here’s the google maps link.
    I’m also somewhat surprised that Dragonfly in Columbus, OH isn’t on the list.

  2. Ah, I’ve always wondered what inspired your blog title. Now I know! And I’m so honored to make the list…thanks! I love your blog too!

  3. I was always was curious about your blog title too! 🙂

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