Review: SoyGo Coffee Creamer

SoyGo sent me a sample of their coffee creamer to try.  This coffee cream is great for people on the go because you can just throw it in your bag or purse.  When you have coffee at work or out on the town you can pull this out and put it in your coffee.  I don’t know about coffee shops where you live but many that I visit either don’t have soy milk or charge extra for soy milk to be added. 

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I bring these on trips with me so that I can add a little creamer to my (usually) horrible cup of hotel coffee.  I also love that it gives coffee a nice sweet flavor and isn’t as heavy as liquid soy creamer.  I am not a huge creamer fan usually but I love this when I am craving something sweet.


3 responses to “Review: SoyGo Coffee Creamer

  1. Thanks for the review….can’t find the stuff around here, but probably online. I always hated powdered creamer in the past…I wonder how this compares to the old powdered standard (other than it’s soy). I always use soy liquid plain creamer in my coffee. I might have to try this for trips.

  2. what a great idea! i have no idea where i would buy this but it looks good!

  3. handy! i have sometimes brought a tiny plastic container of milk w/ me when going to get coffee – now that’s a PITA.

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