Golden Moon Tea

To my delight after my awkward interview I returned home to find a package waiting for me from Golden Moon Tea.  They sent me six samples of their tea which I just can’t wait to try. They have a variety of really interesting flavors such as:

  • Sugar Caramel Oolong
  • Sencha
  • Coconut Pouchong
  • Rose
  • Tippy Earl Grey
  • Honey Pear (not vegan so I will give this one to my mum to try)

Tonight I tired the Caramel Oolong- It's pretty good not too sweet

Tonight I tried the Sugar Caramel Oolong- it's pretty good and not too sweet!

You can check out what else I ate today at Eat.Live.Be Healthy.


One response to “Golden Moon Tea

  1. mmmm I love me some tea!! Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog from the Tropical Traditions website 🙂 I’ve been looking for some good vegan/vegetarian cooking blogs as DH and I are vegetarian. If you get a chance, it’d be great if you could stop by my new blog…it’s about our journey into eco-friendly living 🙂 Thanks and I love your blog!


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