Review: Green Smoothie Revolution

In the past 2 years I have really gotten into the raw foods diet and although I do not practice it as much in the winter I still try to get in at least one raw meal a day (we live in VT and produce is not so great in the winter).  Somedays this means just keeping it simple and having a green smoothie usually for breakfast, sometimes at lunch.  The recipe book  Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko has been a great resource for making some delicious green smoothies as well as providing a ton of information about green smoothies in sections such as The Importance of Rotating Greens in Your Smoothies and Food Combining in Green Smoothies. 

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The second part of this book features:

  • Tips and Tricks for Smoothie Preparatoin
  • Green Smoothies for Beginners
  • Supergreen Smoothies
  • Savory Green Smoothies and Soups
  • Green Smoothies for the Adventurous Souls
  • Green Puddings
  • Green Smoothies for children
  • Green Smoothies for Pets
  • Green Smoothies for Body Care

So far I have been mostly playing around with recipes from Green Smoothies for Beginners, Supergreen Smoothies and Green Smoothies for Children however I am interested in trying some green soups and puddings soon.  The great part about this book is the variety of recipes there are, 200 to be precise, that are all fun and different.   The recipes use a variety of greens to keep things interesting as well as a number of great fruit and veggie combinations.  My favorites (so far) have been the Medallion Melon which is simple cantaloupe and romaine- simple and delicious.  However, my absolute favorite and so far go to smoothie has been the Winter Green Smoothie which is berries, spinach, water and ginger- soooo good.  

Over all this is a great book for those interested in raw foods, green smoothies and healthy new ways to get greens into ones diet. 

Blogger Disclosure:  Cooking For A Vegan Lover received this book at no cost from the publishing house for review.

3 responses to “Review: Green Smoothie Revolution

  1. Thanks for the review- I finally just got a high speed blender and now I’ve been experimenting with green smoothies- I think this book could really help the process!

  2. I’ve never heard of this book, but I NEED IT! I get stuck in ruts with green smoothies and often use the same ingredients over and over. 200 green smoothies recipes would be awesome. I’ll have to look for this. I love smoothies as pre-workout snacks.

  3. Great book! Boutenko is a true rock star. Green Smoothies are an important part of my family’s life. Yum!!!


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