Disney World Part 5: Whispering Canyon, Sanaa & Boma

Quinoa Cakes with Edamame Salsa at Whispering Canyon- sorry for the blurry picture

The Quinoa Cakes were good but the meal was missing something so we were still hungry after we left.


Neil's Big Drink at Whispering Canyon

Part of the fun of Whispering Canyon is that it is loud, rambunctious, and they waitstaff pics on you to know end.  So when Neil ordered his cola they brought it out in the largest mason jar they could find.


Samosas and Tamarind Chutney at Sanaa

samosas at sanaa


Parathas at Sanaa


Mango Chutney, Grilled Red Pepper Hummus and Garlic Pickle


Sipping on a Mojito at Sanaa


We wished we had gone to dinner at Sanaa but we were only able to stop in for drinks and appetizers but the food was amazing.  We talked to the chef and he explained what was vegan on the menu and the other options that he could do up for us if we desired.  We got bread sampler (only the paratha is vegan) and the samosas.  


Animal Kindgom Lodge


Dinner at Boma


Dinner at Boma


Blueberry Sorbet at Boma


2 responses to “Disney World Part 5: Whispering Canyon, Sanaa & Boma

  1. Everything looks so yummy! Yea for Disney!

  2. Disney is one of my absolute favorite places on earth, so incredibly magical, isn’t it? And the food looks wonderful! Especially the sambusa, super scrumptious!

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