Disney World Part 4: Magic Kingdom

Our day at Magic Kingdom was pretty boring for food.  Neil and I picked up bread at the food court at our resort and made PB&J sandwiches for breakfast which we snacked on throughout the morning.  For lunch we went to Cosmic Ray’s and got veggie burgers with fries- not the best choice and we were feeling nauseous after- we don’t eat a lot of fried food so it didn’t set well on our stomachs.  

We had planned to go to The Crystal Palace for dinner however by 7pm we had been at MK for 12 hours and were exhausted, freezing and ready to head out.  So we went back to the hotel and changed and headed downtown to Wolfgang Puck Express and boring us got the exact same thing as the day before- Italian Chopped Salad and Spaghetti with tomato, basil and garlic sauce with fruit for dessert and a yummy Sam Adams.


2 responses to “Disney World Part 4: Magic Kingdom

  1. Hey, I just found your blog – thanks for all the Disney food pics! I really love the Disney parks and I’m also vegan – so it’s nice to see our options there !!


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