Concord NH: Cafe Indigo

 On our way home from the airport we stopped in to the vegan Cafe Indigo in Concord, NH. We have wanted to go here many times but it isn’t open on Saturdays and that is when we normally go through. Well lucky us it was Monday and they were open and we were starving.


The Rachel


Veggie Burger


 My dad and Neil ordered The Rachel which is the vegan seitan version of the Ruben and it was delicious. My omni father who loves his meat even loved this sandwich he couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. My mom ordered the Veggie Burger which was homemade and so good. My favorite dish was my own the Spinach and Soysage Burrito it was amazing. The burrito was creamy and delicious.

Spinach and Soysage Burrito

For dessert the 4 of us split a chocolate chip cookie bar which was delicious. They were all out of there Carrot Cake which has been named by VegNews for being the best vegan carrot cake. Oh well we loved our cookie.

One of the other great features about this place is that they have to-go items such as cookies, cupcakes, and salads. They also have tofu turkeys to go and homemade pies- this would be great for anyone looking for a quick holiday meal!


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