Disney World Party 1- Tusker House


Tusker House


Wednesday morning we jumped on an early flight to Orlando and after dropping our bags off at our resort we headed straight to Animal Kingdom for my Dad’s birthday.  It was lunch time when we arrived and all of us were starving so we decided to go to Tusker House for dinner.  Tusker House is a buffet that features Indian and Asian influenced dishes and has a ton of vegan dishes.  We let the waitress know that we had dietary restrictions and the chef came out and walked us around the buffet showing us the numerous vegan dishes.  Some of our favorite dishes were: greenbean and onion salad, mango chutney, tabouli, pita, hummus, couscous with veggies and roasted potatoes.  Also featured were a few other salads, rice dishes and tandoori tofu; the tandoori tofu was kind of bland.  We had fruit for dessert and took a few oranges and bananas in our bag to snack on the rest of the day.

Yummy Tabouli and Hummus at Tusker House

The tabouli was my favorite ever! Many times I find that a traditional tabouli is just too much parsley and doesn’t have enough acid in it but this was the most perfect balance of oil and acid. 

Eating Yummy Food at Tusker House


Dad "blowing" out his Birthday Candles

Also available at Animal Kingdom are various counter service locations that have salads, vegetable wraps and veggie burgers.  We stayed at the park late because it was an Extra Magic Hours night so we ate at the park.  We went to Restorantosaurus for dinner-  when we walked in we let the employee taking our order that we had dietary restrictions and he let the cook know.  The cook came out and let us know that she could substitute a tapioca roll for the bun (there is dairy in the bun) and she reassured us that the fries were cooked in separate oil that is vegan.  There was a condiment bar which had onions, tomato, lettuce, relish, ect.  I filled mine up with tons of lettuce and tomato and made myself a salad burger.  Our first day at Disney went great and was yummy!


2 responses to “Disney World Party 1- Tusker House

  1. I love hearing that Disney is vegan-friendly!! I haven’t been in so, so, so long. I used to love it!

  2. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Last time, I went to Disney, I was vegetarian but not vegan. Found plenty of options then too.

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