Disney World Part 2- Epcot

I was a bad photo taker on our day at Epcot so I included a couple of fun pictures of us visiting however there are no food pictures.  We started the morning off getting to ride Soarin’ three times in a row with no wait because they had one of Disney’s Magical Moments and let the first 400 people in at 8:30 am (the park doesn’t open until 9).  After that we went on a few rides and met up with Neil’s parents just in time for lunch.  We ate lunch at the Sunshine Seasons food court at The Land.  There are tons of options here and it is great for vegans.  We settled on a tofu noodle bowl and veggie sushi with popsicles for our dessert.  The food was really great and our parents really enjoyed their food as well. 

Later on in the afternoon Neil and I went out for some drinks around the world- we got a Gran Marnier Slushie at France and then stopped over to Mexico for a Margarita and chips & guacamole.  The food was great and the drinks were huge and strong. 

For dinner we went to Morocco and got the Vegetarian Plate which included tabouli, hummus, bread, marinated olives, lentil salad and falafel. Since we were using our dining plan points it also came with a drink and baklava; we gave the baklava to our parents.  The food at Morocco was really good- my favorite was the marinated olives so delicious.  The tabouli was okay but it didn’t live up to the tabouli we had at Tusker House.


One response to “Disney World Part 2- Epcot

  1. These posts are going to be so helpful for when my husband’s family takes their next trip to Disney World – probably not for a couple more years, but I think I would feel so overwhelmed!

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