Product Review: Zico

Zico has quickly become my beverage of choice for workouts and when I’m feeling hungry.  I first received this sampler pack of Zico Natural, Passion Fruit and Mango. I loved the Mango it has a great flavor and is so refreshing.  The Passion Fruit is my next favorite and is flavored with orange peel as well.  Lastly is Zico Natural not my favorite but is greatly refreshing.  

Since I quickly drank up all my samples I finally bought myself a case of the passion fruit flavored.  Now each day I get home and either jump on the elliptical or do some Wii-Fit plus and sip on it while I workout.  This drink is great sports drink and is not filled filled with all the sugar of the other sports drinks….you know the ones I”m talking about.   These are fat free and have no sugar added.

Blogger Disclosure:  Cooking For A Vegan Lover received this book at no cost from the company for review.

3 responses to “Product Review: Zico

  1. Never heard of Zico, but sounds like I need to try it out.

  2. did you get those when amazon was having that CRAZY sale?? such a deal!! wish i had bought more than one case!!!

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