Eating Vegan on a Disney (Holiday) Vacation

Hey Everyone! So my husband, both our parents and I are on our way to Disney World for the Holidays.  This is exciting as I have been to Disney a number of times, we actually just went last year for our honeymoon, but I have never been during the holidays.

Disney Honeymoon 2008


Over the last few years I have picked up a number of tips on how to eat vegan at Disney World; where to go, what to ask for, and most recently what to do ahead of time. Since I know Disney is a popular destination for many people I thought you might like to hear my eating vegan at Disney tips.   I will update you with my most recent experiences upon our return.

My Vegan Disney Survival Tips:

1. E-mail and request a special dietary needs worksheet.  All you have to do once you make your table service dining reservations is fill the worksheet out detailing any dietary needs you have and where you are dining , what time and your reservation number.  Once you have done this fax or e-mail it back.  Disney will then make a note on your dining reservation and everything will be set for your arrival.  *Note this is only for table service dining that you have a reservation for. If you don’t have a reservation don’t worry…keep reading. 
2. There are some great places that we have dined that were great and easily accommodate a vegan diet.  Many are able to get tofu, non-dairy products and other vegan items with advanced notice. My first recommendation is to inform your server that you are vegan and they can easily suggest vegan options and many times will bring the chef out to discuss what options you have.  Some great restaurants we have experienced are:

  • The Wave at The Contemporary Resort has a great Tofu Sandwich at lunch that without the mayo is vegan.  They also have a Vegetable Stew which is delicious and served at both lunch and dinner.  For dessert you can indulge in some of the amazing house made sorbets 

    The Wave at The Contemporary

  • Boma this is a vegan’s paradise at Disney; located at The Animal Kingdom Lodge this buffet style dining has tons to offer.  We informed our server of our dietary needs and he quickly went to get the chef who then led us around the  buffet letting us know what vegan options there were and also asked if we wanted anything else that she could make up special.  There were so many great options that we didn’t feel like we would need any other options and we certainly didn’t . We basically gorged ourselves on kalamatua olive hummus with lavash.  At the end of our meal our waiter surprised us with house made coconut and raspberry sorbet which was great because there aren’t any vegan dessert options except fruit at the buffet. 
  • Rose Crown Dining Room at the United Kingdom in Epcot- there was a vegetarian curry that was veganizable however rumor is that there is a vegetarian shepherd’s pie on the menu now which is not vegan.
  • Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has great food and this delicious Coconut-Crusted Tofu Noodle Bowl


Tofutti at Magic Kingdom


3. Counter Service is slightly more difficult as there is no chef to talk to however there are some easy tips:

  • All fries are vegan EXCEPT those served at McDonald’s Locations
  • All veggie burgers are vegan Garden Burgers however the bun is not vegan- you can request a vegan bun 
  • Divvies vegan cookies, brownies and caramel corn are served at many locations around Disney 
  • There is Tofutti and Rice Dream served around Disney and at the Magic Kingdom Ice Cream Parlor
  • All around Disney you can find veggie wraps/sandwiches and veggie burgers- boring but know you’ll never starve 
  • Soy milk is available throughout Disney and at most of the resorts 

4. The most vegan friendly counter service spots are:

  • Sunshine Seasons at Epcot- there are tons of vegan options such as the Asian vegetarian entree
  • Tangierine Cafe at Morocco in Epcot- this is a great location that has a vegetarian platter with couscous salad, hummus, tabbouleh, olives and lentil salad. The lentil salad is not vegan but you can sub extra hummus, couscous salad or tabbouleh.
  • Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney’s West Side and Market Place – there are many options such as pizza without cheese, salads, sandwiches and pasta 
  • Backlot Express- there is a great veggie sandwich here

5. For breakfast I recommend bringing oatmeal, cereal, or cereal/energy bars- many of the Moderate, Deluxe and Disney Vacation Club Resorts have microwaves and mini fridges in the room which makes it great for stocking up your room (and saving some money). 

I will report back after we our trip but here are some plans we have for our 2009 Christmas Trip:

We have planned to visit The Whispering Canyon located at The Wilderness Lodge- now this is one of the least vegan friendly places but we are compromising as it is my dad’s birthday and his choice however this will be the true test to see if the special dietary request form actually works.  

Next we plan to visit ‘Ohana at the Polynesian which I hear is an amazing restaurant and Chef TJ apparently makes amazing vegan food.  I am so excited and can’t wait to report back. 

We are going to Chef Mickey’s at The Contemporary for Christmas Day breakfast and from my research I have heard that the chef can make tofu scramble and vegan mickey mouse waffles (which can also be made at many other restaurants) there is also tons of fruit and cereal with soy milk. 

We will also be visiting The Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Sanaa which has a vegan menu and we will also be visiting Boma again as it is a must.  If you want to spend a bit more money Jiko is a great restaurant for vegans and also has a vegan menu. 

Lastly, we are gong to be visiting The Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom which is said to be one of the top places for vegetarians to eat at Disney.  

Dinner at The Brown Derby @ Disney's Hollywood Studios





9 responses to “Eating Vegan on a Disney (Holiday) Vacation

  1. I didn’t realize Disney was so vegan friendly! These are wonderful tips. We were supposed to go there in January but canceled the trip because we cannot afford it. At least now I have this info for the future.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  2. Wow, that’s great. My omni friend blogged about her family’s trip to Disney World and the food all looked sickening to me, the opposite of vegan. Good to know there is a choice.

  3. What wonderful tips 🙂 Someday when I finally make it to disney i will use these!

  4. We took the kids to Disney last spring and had not trouble finding food at all. Everyone was very accommodating to both our vegan choices and our daughter’s peanut allergy. We stayed at Fort Wilderness, but in the cabins, so we had a full kitchen. We went to Whole Foods when we got to town stocked up for breakfast supplies, packed our lunch to take with us each day, and only ate dinner and snacks in the park. It worked out perfectly. I was also delighted to see that many snack carts throughout the parks had fresh fruit and vegetables as snack options!!

  5. That’s a GREAT post, as we were going to go over the holidays and use our last 2 days on our Disney tickets. But, we decided to wait until Mardi Gras week, since it will be very crowded now. I’ll have to write this all down and take it with us. In the past, it’s been really tough, even for vegetarian food. At first, they didn’t even have veggie burgers!! It sounds like now you can get a lot more, yay! Great post.

  6. You are amazing. Thanks for all this tips and for sharing your vacation experience with us. I look forward to heading there with my vegan partner one day. Cheers!

  7. Thank you so much for this all of this great information! I am newly vegan and my husband is newly ovo-lacto vegetarian and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what we will do for vacation. My stepdaughter is 8 and we are hoping to take her to Disney this year, so this information is perfect! Thanks so much!

    • cookingforaveganlover

      Your welcome! If you have any questions about dining at Disney just ask as I have not posted everything that I have learned and experienced

  8. THANK YOU for posting this. I am a brand new vegan and this information will come in very handy during our first ever trip to Disney. thank you!

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