Coffee Review: The Roasterie

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 I was saddened this morning when I went to make my morning coffee and all of my Ethiopian Organic coffee from The Roasterie was all gone.  This quickly became my absolute favorite coffee of the moment and if you know me I try lots of coffees but nothing (so far) has compared to this one. The coffee has this great flavor that I have never tasted with any other bean, I think that it’s because of the way it is roasted and the quality of beans that are used. 

QUICK FACTS About The Roasterie:


  • The Roasterie imports only 100 percent Arabic Specialty Grade coffees from more than 25 different producing countries.
  • Each coffee bean purchased by The Roasterie has been picked by hand.
  • The Roasterie is a strong advocate for Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certifications and more.
  • The Roasterie supplied freshly roasted specialty coffee to an estimated one million customers in 2007.
  • The Roasterie has received more No. 1 ratings on than any other roaster in the nation.

2 responses to “Coffee Review: The Roasterie

  1. I just read The China Study and THAT’S IT!!! We’re going Vegan. I don’t like meat much, anyway. You just followed me on twitter – so thank you! You look like you have some good info here.

  2. I’ve been ordering Roasterie coffee for quite a while now (my favorite: Voodoo). I LOVE it!! Great blog…..I just subscribed via Google Reader 🙂

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