The Asian Vegan Kitchen


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If you didn’t already know my husband and I are huge fans of Asian food. Thai, Chinese, Malaysia, Indian, Korean, Japanese….you name it we pretty much love it, so I was excited when I was given the opportunity to try out The Asian Vegan Kitchen, a great cookbook filled with a variety Asian recipes. 

This cookbook is set up into sections based on cuisine which include Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, Indonesian and Malaysian.  Many of the recipes take a bit of planning to make as some of the ingredients are more difficult to find in North America.  Some ingredients you can find in the international foods aisle at your local market however there will be some that you will have to go to your local Asian market (sometimes even a few different ones).

I have made a few recipes from this book (with plans to make many more) but so far my favorite has been the Vietnamese Fried Rice and the Spicy Tofu (Chinese).  The both had a ton of flavor and were fairly easy to make.

Spicy Tofu with Vietnamese Rice (also sauteed napa cabbage and eggplant with hoisin)


This is a great cookbook for those who are interested in Asian cooking that has been adapted for vegans.  One of the best features is the glossary in the back of the book where you can learn more about ingredients that may be less familiar and some even have suggest substitutions if you can not find that specific ingredient.  As well these recipes may at first seem complex but the great instructions make this book great for any cooking level.


4 responses to “The Asian Vegan Kitchen

  1. I’ve seen this book and thought about getting. I love Asian food too, and that tofu rice looks amazing!

  2. That book really looks like something my husband and I would like! Hmm… his birthday is next week… thanks for sharing! That dish looks so good 😉

  3. dan & i love us some asian food, but we tend to stick to just a few recipes as i’m always hesitant to branch out. looks like i need to branch out though. i loooove hitting up our local asian markets – so this cookbook is one i might have to pick up. that’s awesome that what you guys have made so far has been really tasty – the spicy ‘fu ‘n rice dish looks gloriously good!

  4. Cool recipes from all over the world. Create meals that will wow your friends and family over? Don’t reinvent the wheel, make proper use of it!

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