Delicious Raw Dinner

This is one of my favorite raw meals- Raw Polenta and  Raw Alfredo 

The Raw Polenta is from Ani Phyo’s book and is quick and easy.  You can use fresh or frozen corn which makes it easy to eat all year long.  It’s great with the Mushroom Ragout from Ani’s book as well.

I made this alfredo for the first time by Gena of Choosing Raw and it is amazing!


5 responses to “Delicious Raw Dinner

  1. that’s one helluva super tasty look’n raw dinner. mmmmmmmm! i have ani’s book, but i’ve only tried a few recipes (they’ve all be awesome though) – i’m totally gonna have to check out her raw polenta recipe (very cool that you can make it with frozen corn, too), as well as Gena’s alfredo. yum!

  2. mmmm!!! i need to buy one of ani’s books!!

  3. Wow… that looks so yummy! I think I need that book because everything in it looks fabulous when I see it on other people’s plates!

  4. I haven’t tried Ani’s raw polenta yet, but I’ve been eyeing that recipe. Gena’s alfredo is the best raw alfredo I’ve tried!

  5. This looks delish! Its making me crave some raw alfredo… too bad i dont have any cashews!

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