Dr McDougall’s Ready to Serve Soups

Dr. McDougall’s sent me samples of their 7 new Ready to Serve Soups.  Over the past few weeks my hubby and I have been trying them out and have really enjoyed most of them. The seven flavors are:

  1. Lentil- I loved this one I thought the flavor was great and it was thick but still brothy
  2. Minestrone- I honestly hated this one.  I thought that the flavor was bland and there was way too much basil for my taste
  3. Split Pea- this was okay the flavor was good but it was definitely much thinner than the pea soups that I prefer
  4. Vegetable- this was my husbands favorite- I thought it was pretty good too- lots of nice chunky vegetables
  5. Black Bean- This one was alright not my favorite but it was good
  6. Roasted Red Pepper Tomato- I didn’t get to try this one since my  hubz took it to work for his lunch- he says that it was yummy though
  7. Chunky Tomato (not included in the photo above)- this one was great we had it with grilled cheeze and just so yummy

Overall we loved these soups and I would buy them for sure.  They are great to have on hand for lunches and are low in calories (most abour 150-200 in the entire box) and are filled with great non-chemical/preservative ingredients.  They are also low in sugar and fat which are two additional bonuses!


2 responses to “Dr McDougall’s Ready to Serve Soups

  1. I have his instant soup (the kind you add water to in the cup) and didn’t care for it. I will have to try these and see if they are better!

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