Vegan Weekend in Montreal


Crispy Mushrooms and Dumplings in Peanut Sauce at ChuChai


"Beef" Panang at ChuChai


"Chicken" with Peanut Sauce and Crispy Spinach at ChuChai


Neil enjoying his first persimmon at Marche Jean-Talon


Le Polenta at Aux Vivres


Chai and Masala Banana Smoothie at Aux Vivres


Le Complete at Aux Vivres


Espresso Smoothie -Cafe Frappe- at Aux Vivres


Tea at Ming Tao Xuan- experienced an amazing Chinese tea service


Neil's tea at Ming Tao Xuan


Vegetarian Steamed Buns at Ming Tao Xuan


Vegetarian Tofu Skin Rolls at Ming Tao Xuan


Neil enjoying his tea


Portobello, Red Pepper & Artichoke Pizza at Le Faim du Monde


Mexican Burger at La Faim du Monde


Smoked Wheat at Aux Vivres


Mekong (tofu, picked carrots & diakon, mint, cilantro, lettuce and peanut sauce) on Chapati at Aux Vivres Enjoying my sandwich at Aux Vivres


5 responses to “Vegan Weekend in Montreal

  1. I went to Aux Vivres in Montreal when I visited last- it was great! I had the pizza. So good!

  2. Love the pics of all the great food you had in Montreal. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves.
    Love you

  3. All of that food looks insanely delicious!!

  4. Wow, the food you had look so great! I love Chu Chai, but I don’t go there often, as it is quite pricy. I’ve had the crispy spinach and chicken peanut sauce twice and I love it.
    Aux Vivres is definitely my favorite restaurant, and I recommend your try the BLT sandwich if you go back… it is to die for.
    And it’s a shame, but I’ve never been to La Faim du monde and Ming Tao Xuan, despite the fact I live in Montreal. I’m glad to see the pictures of the food you ate there… it makes me want to go there!

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