ChocAlive! Raw Chocolate

ChocAlive! chocolate truffles are one of the best chocolates I have ever had and they are raw vegan which makes them even more exciting.  I tired the Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Crunch and Coconut Truffles which were all delicious but I think my favorite was the Dark Chocolate Crunch, the crunch was a great addition.  The truffles are creamy and delicious just like the non-vegan ones I remember.  My husband was surprised that these creamy truffles could be raw, he didn’t believe me until I showed him the packaging.

Julie Glick the owner/president of ChocAlive! says it best “ChocAlive! Truffles make people so happy.  They are so undeniably healthy and incredibly delicious too.  That’s why I say that they are too good AND they’re true!  ChocAlive! Truffles were even featured on Colin Cowie’s website as one of his “Fantastic Finds!”  Quite an honor coming from Oprah’s Party and Event Planner… Here’s the link: I don’t even know if he knew how super-food good for you they are!”

You can check out the ChocAlive! website to find out where you can find these yummy chocolates. *If you’d like to purchase ChocAlive! Truffles you can also do so at and

Blogger Disclosure: Cooking For a Vegan Lover received this product free from ChocAlive!

4 responses to “ChocAlive! Raw Chocolate

  1. I just went to their website and their products sound delicious! Unfortunately, they are not sold in Florida, or I would be all over these truffles!

  2. OMG those look amazing!!!! I need chocolate now. I wonder if they ship internationally.

  3. taleoftwovegans

    Oooh, how fantastic! I love it when I can pretend junk food is good for me! 😉

  4. those chocolates look really good. Love ya

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