Breathing Fire

My husband and I are both hot sauce enthusiast so when I was given the opportunity to sample, I couldn’t resist.  I made us some yummy chickpea and cabbage tacos served with Sour Supreme and homemade guacamole and of course hot sauce on the side.  We prepared ourselves with our Zevia Colas and then it was time to test them out.

First we tried the Pain 100%  (categorized as “Melt Down” on Original Juan’s website) both of our mouths were on fire, 2nd was the Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce  (“Zesty” category) which was actually really good and I would cook with it next time.  Our third try was the Garlic Style Hot Sauce (“Firey” category) this was really spicy, but not too bad, however a little too vinergary for me.  Lastly we tried Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity  Hot Sauce which is categorized as “Melt Down” hot on the website. 

After all of these tastings my entire mouth was on fire I practically could breathe fire.  My husband was also in pain but he tried much smaller samples of all of the hot sauces.  We only tired hot sauces up to the “Melt Down” category, I can’t even imagine what the ones in the “Off the Chart” catagory taste like.

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5 responses to “Breathing Fire

  1. I love that Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce! I had a bottle that I was hoarding for awhile (I horde hot sauce like the end of the world is coming…), but my boyfriend consumed it ALL on the sly. Now I’ve gotta buy more and hide it.

  2. Chickpea and cabbage tacos! Those sound great!! My hubby has been asking for tacos lately…maybe I will try something along these lines.
    And get him some special hot sauce as a treat, of course!

  3. it was burning your mouth so much you were running around screaming!

  4. I like how that one is called Pain, ha ha. My husband is a big fan of hot stuff (obviously, he did marry me, ha ha) so I’m sure he would love those sauces.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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