The last Vegan Mofo Post: Boston Veg Fest 2009


My hubz and I decided that we are going to Boston Veg Fest again this year.  Last year besides getting to hear Sarah Kramer speak I wasn’t overly impressed.  I was hopping for more information about vegetarianism and not just tons of products (and there weren’t as many samples as I expected).  However I’m open to trying it again and seeing what is there this year. 

I am also excited because we have decided to stay in Lowell again this year (Boston was just too expensive for the night…..Lowell=1/4 of the price and only 30min away).  Also Lowell has Life Alive which has delicious, healthy food and is amazing.  Also planning on hitting up Prana Cafe in Newton Corners, Grezzo and our favorite Bagel Rising.

Alright I’m out blog Monday!


5 responses to “The last Vegan Mofo Post: Boston Veg Fest 2009

  1. Have a good trip, and I hope you enjoy the fest this year 🙂

  2. i’m planning on going on sunday if i’m still functional after halloween 🙂 have a good time!

  3. That festival sounds like fun to me. Hopefully it will be better this year!

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