Vegan Mofo #14: Vegan Care Package Swap



It’s time to do another Vegan Care Package swap! Last year around this time I organized a swap and it went over really well.  I am hoping that this year will bring on an even better turn out.  


If you are a blogger and are interested please comment here and send me a note  to Lindsay (at) cookingforaveganlover dot com with an e-mail address that you would like to be contacted by.  Please in include the following in your note as well: Name, Location, blog URL, and whether you are will to ship internationally or not. 


Please do not send me your address. I will match people together, give each other your e-mail addresses and then you can go on to exchange mailing addresses. 


Please expect to spend around $20-25 on  VEGAN goods, if you would like to spend more than do so, however, do not be disappointed if your partner does not do the same. 


Please enter to participate by October 29th, 2009  Closed I will match people up and let them know their pairs by October 30th, 2009.  You will have one month to gather your items and mail them out- so all packages should be mailed by November 31st, 2009.  Once you receive your package please photograph the contents and make a post to your blog detailing what is in your package, link to your partners blog and a link to this posting. 


I am excited to see how many of you are interested out there.  Like I said this went very well last year and it’s a great way to meet people and try new products.



 My husband’s Vegan Care Package 

from the care package swap of 2008


*Please note that this exchange is based on trust that whoever is participating will follow through, so if you don’t feel like you can participate to the full extent then please do not respond to this. 


Please check your spam to see if you have messages from me. Keep an eye out for an e-mail on the 30th from Lindsay[at] – i have heard that e-mails from me are going to some peoples spam for some reason.  You may want to just add me to your contact list so it doesn’t go to spam. thanks!


31 responses to “Vegan Mofo #14: Vegan Care Package Swap

  1. I love that you are organising a swap, I was going to participate in the ppk one but I may have missed it. I might get back to you soon! 😀

  2. Awesome idea – hope it all goes well.

  3. Ooh, count me in! I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these. 😀

  4. I’m in!!!! Just e-mailed you.

  5. I’m in too! It was fun last year and my package from you was great!

  6. I’m in too, excited for the possibilities.

    • cookingforaveganlover

      yay! so excited for people to participate. this went over really well last fall and I’m hoping it will again. So spread the word!

  7. I emailed you! 🙂 Thanks! -Eve

  8. cookingforaveganlover

    Yay! lets get more participants right now we are at 7 (8 if my hubz rounds us out)

  9. I’d love to participate!!! Thanks for organizing a swap!! I will email you right away…!!!

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  11. I’d like to join in!

  12. I’m a new vegan so this sounds right up my alley! I’m off to email you now 🙂

  13. I’m in.

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  15. Did Dan or Jen get a hold of you? Let me know on Twitter or something. I’ll get on them…

  16. cookingforaveganlover

    no? and I hadn’t heard back from you if you were participating again since I had canceled the first attempt. E-mail me if you are. If you know others that are please have them e-mail me too. Also reminder everything MUST be vegan that is exchanged.

  17. Ok, I think I’m in as long as there is someone who doesn’t mind shipping to Australia! I will email you now 😀

  18. I will be e-mailing you as well, I have always wanted to do a vegan package swap! 😀

  19. Hey, do you also have people form Germany? I would like to join this event! 🙂

  20. Ooh, I wanna play! E-mailing you soon 🙂

  21. itstartedwithafish

    Emailed you !!!!!
    So excited and hope, someone is “left” for me lol

  22. itstartedwithafish

    Germany ???

    Mee, meeee, meeee.

    Gosh, calm down, woman!!!
    Told you I was excited lol

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  24. So bummed I missed it!!! Next time 🙂

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