Review: Kaia Foods

I have a new favorite snacks, from Kaia Foods, did I mention that they are raw as well? Kaia also makes great raw buckwheat granola which my husband just ate right up I hardly got any of the Dates & Spices one.  Then again who am I to complain I barely gave him a chance to try the Curry Sprouted Sunflower seeds.  


Kaia Foods (Kaia means body and earth) is an amazing company who produces great tasting raw granola and sprouted sunflower seeds.  Here is a little bit about Kaia from their website (really they describe themselves best): “kaia foods was founded with the belief that our health is best supported by eating an abundance of minimally processed whole foods. We sprout, mix and dehydrate our organic foods at low temperatures so that they remain ‘raw.’ No baking, frying, bleaching, or weird processing steps!”


To find out more visit their site and check out the variety of granola and sunflower seeds you can purchase. Oh and did I mention that 1% of all their sales goes to fight world hunger? So you feed you can feed your body and help others be fed as well.


One response to “Review: Kaia Foods

  1. thank you for the birthday wishes! curry sunflower seeds sound so yummy!

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