VEGAN MOFO #5: Product Review: Fruitabu Smooshed Fruit Twirls

Organic Smooshed Fruit

Organic Smooshed Fruit

First off, I will introduce myself to those who may not be familiar with me.  I am the “lover” from “Cooking for a Vegan Lover, often referred to as the hubby or hubz.  I’ve decided to help by lending a hand in writing reviews for products or restaurants for the blog.  I may even write a summary of what we’ve cooked for the night on those rare occasions that I am the one cooking dinner.

I was always a huge fan of fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot and that “fruit leather” when I was younger.  So, it’s fitting that my first post to this incarnation of Cooking for a Vegan Lover is a review of FruitaBu’s Organic Smooshed Fruit Fruit Twirls.

Fruitabu was kind enough to send us coupons for two free boxes of their products.  I decided to go with the Strawberry fruit twirls to pack in my lunch or bring on our trips with us as snacks.  The fruit twirls had a great taste.  They weren’t too sweet and tasted like real fruit.  The consistency was just what you’d expect for a “smooshed fruit” snack.  It was soft and chewy and did not stick to your teeth like those chewy, plasticy “fruit flavoured” snacks that I enjoyed as a kid.

I am also still a kid at heart, so I definitely enjoyed eating the snack bite by bite as I unrolled it.

Having never had these before, I can definitely say that I will be buying them in the future to bring on my lunches or for hikes.  These are a much healthier alternative as they have no added sugar, contain 1 whole serving of fruit and have just 80 calories.

Check our their website for more information on their products including nutriotional information and information on the company.


One response to “VEGAN MOFO #5: Product Review: Fruitabu Smooshed Fruit Twirls

  1. neat!! there is another brand down here that I have discovered…but after eating too much of it, I can never look at it the same way.


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