Review: Zevia

ZEVIAI was lucky enough to get a sample of Zevia’s 6 flavors the other day and my husband and I quickly tried them all.  The flavors included: root beer, ginger, lemon lime, black cherry, orange and cola.  I loved the root beer it was so good, better than most root beers that I have had.  What I also liked about it was that you couldn’t even tell it was made with stevia.  I find that stevia can have a very strong taste at times but in this it was very mild which I enjoyed.  My husband had the cola because I can’t have caffine and as an former colaholic he really loved it and likes it better then most any other cola that is stevia free.  Now I didn’t love the black cherry or orange flavors but I’ve never been a fan of either flavor in regular pop so others might enjoy it- I know my dad likes the orange.

Lemon lime is my favourite and is so refreshing I just love it.  If I could drink gin right now it would go very nice with it. Lastly the Ginger- this was nice a refreshing, not to over powering but had a good real ginger flavour unlike those other ginger flavoured pops.

Overall I love Zevia and think it’s a great alternative to diet pop.


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