The Inspired Cookie

Yesterday afternoon I went to my mail box and was delighted to see a small box addressed to me. I ran inside opened up the box and was excited to see 5 vegan cookies staring up at me. The cookies had arrived from The Inspired Cookie which makes 100% vegan and gluten free cookies.   What I love about these cookies is that there are no strange ingredients and they are made with 100% natural ingredients and are 70% organic and did I mention are VEGAN!

I received the following cookies:

Warmth- Mayan Hot Chocolate


Tranquility- Lemon Lavender


Rejuvenation- Chai Ginger Chunk


Clarity- Peppermint Chocolate Chunk


Abundance- Double Chocolate Ginger Chunk



So far I have only tried the Mayan Hot Chocolate but let me tell you this cookie is to die for. It has a great deep chocolate flavour and a hint of spice in the background it was delicious.


I will post more once I try the other cookies but if they are anything like the Mayan Hot Chocolate I am sure they are amazing as well.


One response to “The Inspired Cookie

  1. Oh, I hadn’t heard about these cookies before, but they sure do sound tasty! The peppermint-chocolate one is especially enticing.

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