Just got back from Toronto last night and it was so fun- but not long enough 😦

We were able to visit Cafe 668 which was okay- it was good but not great.

Fresh- which was amazing we got one of the espresso shakes, sweet potato fries and miso gravy, mushroom and onioin veggie burger and holiday wrap- YUM YUM YUM!

We also went to Sadie’s Diner – twice the first time I got the scramble which was alright kind of bland but the homefries and veggie sausage so good that i had to get both of those and a plate of fruit on our 2nd visit. My husband got the french toast which was soooooo good and the 2nd visit he got chocolate chip pancakes OMG THE BEST THINGS EVER!

Our other vegan adventure was to Udupi Palace in Little India where we had dosa’s and curries and pakoras that were amazing- this place is cheap and delicious!


One response to “Toronto

  1. Mmm…an espresso shake would be so perfect right now.

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