Sorry there has been a massive lack of posting. I’m in the busy season at work so things have been crazy and my evenings are so busy I never find the time to sit down and blog. It doesn’t help that my work has now blocked any sites regarding e-mail, blogs or networking so I haven’t been able to update on my lunch break.  I haven’t even been able to sit down and read blogs like I have always enjoyed; I have like 3000 unread posts n bloglines.  I hope to get back at this soon and post at least once a week until the busy season is over and I can get back at it.


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  1. Wow, that sucks about work blocking blogs. That’s what keeps me sane all day at the office…I have to check 2-3 every hour for a mental break. I’m a writer and sometimes you need to stop thinking and recharge your creativity. Food helps me with that.

    Hope things get un-busy for you soon!

  2. Ugh that sucks 😦 I hate it when I have hundreds and hundreds of posts to catch up on. My google reader isn’t so healthy at the moment either.

    Hope you’re less busy soon!

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