What We’ve Been Eating


Soy-Mirin Tofu with Peanut Sauce


Smokey Miso Tofu Sandwich


Temeph Sausage Crumbles in White Gravy


Spinach Lasagna


Red Cabbage Dijon Cabbage, Garlic Broccoli and Chipotle Carrots


Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sauteed cabbage, tomatoes and tofu


7 responses to “What We’ve Been Eating

  1. yummy eats….the smokey tofu sammich is calling my name!

  2. ooooh, wowzers! those are some tasty eats, indeed! peanut sauced yummies, miso tofu, lasagna, cabbage goodness, and tempeh crumbles in gravy – mmmmmmmm! i want it all!

  3. Tempeh sausage crumbles in gravy sounds right up my alley. I love anything smothered in gravy….but tempeh is my favorite thing right now. I go through phases with my faux meats…

  4. cookingforaveganlover

    I don’t really consider tempeh a meat analog because it isn’t something that is mocking a meat or taking the place of such as faux chicken wings and veggie burgers and pretty much 95% of like May Wah’s (vegieworld.com) products. Tempeh rather it is a protein and dietary fiber rich food. But that’s just me getting technical I can see why some consider it a meat analog however I don’t use it in replace of meat I use it as a protein and because it’s yummy.

  5. Mmmm it all looks delicious! However that soy~mirin tofu with peanut sauce and the spinach lasagna are definitely calling out to me to eat them! Yum!

  6. wow, all of this looks incredibly delicious!! and yes you should try the vegan spanish tortila recipe!! [you’ll love it, believe me! ;)]

  7. I need to find a restaurant that serves the food you’ve been making. YUM!!!

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