Christmas Has Come Early

As you all may remember, Lindsay organized a vegan care package swap through the blog not too long ago. Being a transplanted Canadian, I was lucky to be paired with Ricki from Vaughn (outside Toronto) in the great white north.

When I had arrived home from a long day of Christmas shopping I was excited to see what I had been anxiously awaiting, my care package from Ricki. I rushed inside to open my package. Inside was a great selection of vegan, Canadian produced products (all but one!).

Inside was:

  • Organic wild rice pasta
  • Hemp seed nuts
  • rice snacks (love these!)
  • roasted fava beans (these were really good)
  • oatmeal goldies (these cookies were soooooo good, they were the first thing lindsay and i tried)
  • Canadian glacial clay (love the pure clean smell it has)
  • Chakra bar
  • the simply bar (coffee/chocolate. one of my favourite combinations)
  • How Sweet bar (with a kamut puffs, this was really good too!)
  • White chocolate chips (excited to try these, Lindsay was actually going to order these off the vegan essentials website so I was really excited to get them!)
  • Fruit to go (I love these, can’t get this brand in Vermont and I used to get them all the time in NB)
  • Theobroma (really interesting sounding chocolate with chunks of pineapple)
  • Macadamia/Cashew nut butter (can’t wait to try this!)
  • a HUGE bar of President’s Choice dark chocolate with almonds which I’m ashamed to admit has a pretty substantial chunk out of it already!
  • cute reusable grocery bag from Planet Organic (an organic food grocery chain in canada)

Thanks so much Ricki for all of the great food and all of the thoughtful choices!



3 responses to “Christmas Has Come Early

  1. So glad you liked the goodies! The PC chocolate is one of my faves, too (big chunks disappear from them on a regular basis). And those fava beans–I got a bag for myself, too, as I’d never tried them–strange, but good!

    I have to say I thoroghly enjoyed everything in the package you sent this way, too–that Strawberry/Coconut chocolate bar was the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten (seriously, even when I used to have milk chocolate on a regular basis!). We’re saving our gravy for Christmas dinner 🙂

  2. Oops–pardon the spelling error–I meant, “thoroughly” of course!

  3. that is a ton of good stuff that you got. very cool.

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