Veganmofo- What’s in your (vegan) freezer?

What’s in your (vegan) Freezer?
Started by Billy

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a picture of the items in your freezer
  2. Post the picture to your blog and give a summary of the items
  3. Tag 5 vegan bloggers

Here’s a look into my freezer:

  • mock eel
  • veggie healthy chicken
  • veggie smoked chicken
  • bac’n ham
  • citrus spare ribs
  • bbq pork
  • Eggplant slices
  • broccoli
  • stir fry vegetables
  • corn
  • peas
  • filo dough
  • ice
  • Frangelico
  • edamame

So it seems we have a freezer full of veggie meats and vegetables. Neil and I went on a MayWah ( shopping spree about a month ago and we are still eating our massive supply of veggie meats.

I’m tagging:

  1. Addicted to Olives
  2. Vegan Appetite
  3. How to Feed a Vegan
  4. Spotted Devil Cat
  5. Show Me Vegan

7 responses to “Veganmofo- What’s in your (vegan) freezer?

  1. Jeni Treehugger

    Ewwww mock eel!!

  2. IT’S GOOD!

  3. your freezer is way too organized.

    I posted my messy mess of a freezer. Somehow I think I take my fridge more seriously than the freezer part.

  4. can I have a tidy up first?
    I’ve always wanted to try the mocks but never get around to ordering. It’s hit or miss with veggie meat analogs, sometimes Lex gets weirded out how realistic they are and sometimes he’s ok with them.

  5. Tami (Vegan Appetite)

    I’ll do this when I get home! What fun!

  6. Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

    Oh no, my freezer (boring) secrets will be revealed! I’m working on my post now. Fun!

  7. i have to say, I am completely amazed at how much room everyone seems to have in their freezers.

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