Hemingway’s Restaurant

Hemingway’s Restaurant
4988 US ROUTE 4 • KILLINGTON, VT • (802) 422-3886

Four Course Vegetable Menu
Three tasting portions of vegetable or dairy items plus dessert: $55 per person.
An all vegan menu may be had with advance notice.
Following are sample menu items:Vegetable Strudel with Pine Nuts
Asparagus Flan
Risotto of Local Exotic Mushrooms
Crown Romanesco with Autumn Root Vegetables
Timbale of Zucchini with Fresh Herbs and Couscous

We have a four course vegetarian menu available each evening, which can
be made Vegan.

Ted Fondulas
Chef Owner


One response to “Hemingway’s Restaurant

  1. did you go here? it sounds really tasty. whenver I go to VT, I stick to the Burlington area because of family.

    I can’t believe I’m still fantasizing about a single pebble’s crispy seitan (forget the real name).

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